Are you planning on adding some big tires to your truck, or looking to protect your paint from stones and mud. Fender flares should be your next truck modification then. Fender flares come in all different shapes and styles, and each type serves its own unique purpose. Here at pro truck outfitters we provide you with the highest of quality fender flares out there.

At first you would only see fender flares on off roading type vehicles, the reason for this is because fender flares would protect your trucks paint finish from rocks, mud, sand or other types of debris you might encounter when on some off road trails. Over the years truck owners that dont off road have started installing these bad boys onto their trucks, because normal driving still picks up this type of debris. Also if you have added big tires and rims, you may want to install some fender flares to make your truck look a certain way, or meet your city or towns legal requirements. Whatever the case may be, adding truck fender flares to your ride will make you love and appreciate your truck even more.

Pro Truck Outfitters carries a vast selection of fender flares for all kinds of trucks and SUVs. We have off road, OEM style, pocket, wider, bolt on, riveted looks available. Most fender flares that we sell, come in a black base coat, but can be painted to match your truck or SUV. Fender flares are a great way to protect your truck from any more damage that you get from driving daily.

Fender Flare Functions

Fender flares will protect you from most types of debris on the road, especially if you are going off road. I dont know if you know this, but your paint takes quite a beating from normal use, imagine, all that dust and mud hitting your paint, it will for sure beat your paint up pretty bad.

Fender flares are also great for hiding some dents, dings or rust. Trucks age and get beat up over time, this is a given. To hide some of these imperfections pick up a set of fender flares, to hide those eye sores away.


Whether youre looking to add a more rugged look to your truck, or add some extra style, fender flares will enhance the look of any truck, to make it look more custom and more appealing. They are able to be paint matched or left unmatched to add more visual  flare.

Fender Flare Installation

Many of our fender flares we have for sale are easy installation, bolt on. These aftermarket fender flares are custom fit, and