Lift kits are one of the most popular mods you can do to your truck, theres something about driving in a lifted truck that makes the ride so much more comfier.

There is quite a bit to know when it comes to lift kits, if you are a seasoned vet when it comes to 4x4ing and offroading this article wont really teach you much, but if you are a newbie looking to get into the game, its a great start.

If you are shopping for one, take a look at our review on the best lift and level kits.

Whats the purpose of lifting your truck?

There is more to it, than aesthetic purposes when lifting your truck. Before you even lift your truck, you want to have an end game in mind. There are two main reasons anyone would want to install a lift kit, style or function or both.

Modding trucks for style is a good enough reason to install a lift kit, no one says you have to go off roading. Trucks do look a lot better when they are lifted with big wheels and tires. If this sounds like you, well make sure you choose a kit that is quite, reliable and durable.

Getting a lift for performance is kind of what the lift kit was made for. Clearing the ground of obstacles is the only reason you should be riding higher than normal height. If you plan on going over things, and crawling on uneven surfaces, you need to make sure you setup will handle this, as some lift kits dont perform as well as others.

What a Lift Kit does

Lift kits help you clear obstacles, lift kits were made to raise your truck up higher so you can clear, lets say large boulders, or stay above water levels, or crawl through mud. A regular truck at stock height, wouldnt be able to do some of these things, especially in challenging conditions.

Lift kits also allow you to fit meatier tires underneath your truck. This serves for both form and function, larger tires look a lot nicer, but also allow you to go over things a lot easier.

What to consider when buying a lift kit

  • installation: do you plan on installing this yourself? Do you have any experience with installing aftermarket suspension?
  • addition mods: truck modification is an expensive hobby, buying a lift kit just by itself, is going to look weird and stupid, make sure you think about future mods, so you can plan your build appropriately.
  • handling: lift kits do compromise the factory tuned handling of a truck, make sure you are away of this, if you have any friends that have lifts done, go and try driving one to see if its what you really want.
  • legality: some places don’t allow you to go higher than a certain height, make sure you know all laws and rules before making a purchase before hand.

Trusted Lift Kit Brands

Pro Comp Lift Kits:

Through dedication, research, creativity, and high technology, Pro Comp is globally recognized as a frontrunner for suspension lift kits. State-of-the-art CAD engineering, laser-cutting technology, and passionate fabrication teams are just a few of the talents invested into creating the most innovative truck lift kits. New, sensible designs are intended to minimize drilling and cutting, allowing for a true, “bolt-on”installation on some suspension lift kits.

Skyjacker Lift Kits:

By addressing the demands of terrain and customers, Skyjacker has created field-proven suspension lift kits that have earned a massive and loyal customer following. With a vast inventory of suspension lift kits, as well as other 4×4 parts and accessories, Skyjacker’s philosophy of high quality parts, attention to detail, and rigorous testing procedures have made them a trusted industry pioneer of suspension lift kits for nearly 30 years.

Superlif Lift Kits:

Understanding that drivers spend most of their time on the road, Superlift undertook the challenge of creating the definitive suspension lift kits for reliability on and off road. Utilizing computer modeling technology and stock vehicle data from various vehicle manufacturers, Superlift continues to improve upon their winning formula for truck lift kits. Dependability and experience: 30 years of it is what is built into all Superlift suspension lift kits.

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